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Figure Analysis

Figure Analysis questions present a paper folded several times and then punched with holes. The answer choices contain unfolded papers with punched-in holes. You need to determine which of the answer choices is the final product of the unfolded punched-in paper.

Figure Analysis

Deselect Answer

Figure Classification

The Figure Classification questions show three pictures that share a connection or a characteristic. Choose the answer that shares the same connection/characteristic from the answer choices.

Figure Classification
Figure Classification
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Figure Matrices:

Figure Matrix questions are either 2x2 or 3x3 matrices comprised of different pictures. In each row and column, the images change the same way or follow the same rule. Choose an answer in the empty box in the matrix following the same rule.

Figure Matrices:

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Number Analogies

Your goal is to identify the relationship between the numbers in the first two pairs and use that relationship to determine the missing number in the third pair. Your objective is to select the number that demonstrates the same relationship as the numbers in the first two pairs when placed in the third pair.
[8 → 16] [12 → 24] [6 → ?]Deselect Answer

Figure Recognition

Figure Recognition questions present a shape alongside five answer choices containing complex designs. You must choose a design which contains the target shape in the same size and orientation.

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Number Series

In Number Series questions, you will see a sequence of numbers that follow a specific rule. You must select a number from the answer choices that can replace the question mark and continue the series using the same rule.
Find the next number in the series: 3, 6, 9, 12, _Deselect Answer

Verbal Classification

These questions show us three words that are connected. Your mission is to find the word from the answer choices that share the same connection.

Dog | Cat | RabbitDeselect Answer

Verbal Analogies

The first pair of words have a special relationship in verbal analogy questions. Your task is to choose the word that completes a second pair of words, similarly maintaining that special relationship.
hot → warm: cold →Deselect Answer

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