Affiliate Disclosure

At, we are dedicated to offering the best possible learning experience for those who want to prepare for their tests and exams. We are committed to giving our users truthful, impartial, and objective evaluations, comparisons, and purchasing advice.

The costs of running, maintaining, and improving our website can be quite high. To tackle this challenge, we’ve established partnerships with multiple companies in the education industry and online retailers like PreTest. These collaborations allow us to provide our users with the quality content they desire while also expanding and enhancing our website.

Rest assured that our reviews and buying guides are always accessible to our users without any payment required. This policy will remain unchanged now and in the future.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we have disclosed the following about relationships below:

  • CAT4-Prep maintains relationships with companies that offer test prep and other study materials. These include affiliate fee arrangements, which allow us to receive a commission through brand and product links. These commissions allow us to support the site. However, these relationships never influence the reviews you see on our site.
  • Please be assured that we maintain the highest standards of integrity and objectivity when it comes to our reviews and buying guides. While we have not received any financial compensation from companies in exchange for featuring their products, we may occasionally receive free products from them for research purposes. Rest assured, this does not in any way influence our reviews but rather helps us to understand the product better and provide our users with more valuable insights.

In regard to these affiliate relationships, we have taken the following measures to ensure that other companies and brands do not influence our reviews:

  • Our team does not give higher product ratings or scores based on communications with employees of companies that we promote. However, they may be in contact with representatives from those companies in an effort to learn more about the product and update information about the product.