The Ultimate Guide to CAT4 Verbal Reasoning

Last updated on November 8th, 2023 at 07:51 pm

The CAT4 Test has four sections, one of which is Verbal Reasoning.

To help you prepare for this part of the test, I will share my experience, tips, prep resources and sample questions.

Before you begin, I recommend you read my complete guide on the CAT4 Test to gain more insight into the test structure and scoring.

It is also important to note that the CAT4 Verbal Reasoning questions are only for the following subjects:

  1. Verbal Classifications
  2. Verbal Analogies

The Structure of the CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Battery

There are 2 parts to the verbal reasoning battery:

Part 1 – Verbal Classifications

These questions show us 3 words that are connected, and you have 8 minutes to answer 24 questions.

Your mission is to find the word from the answer choices that share the same connection.


cat4 verbal reasoning

Part 2 – Verbal Analogies

The first pair of words have a special relationship with these questions. You have 10 minutes to complete 24 questions.

Your task is to choose the word that completes a second pair of words, similarly maintaining that special relationship.


cat4 verbal reasoning sample question

How to Prepare for the CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Test

To best prepare for the verbal reasoning battery of the CAT4 test, I recommend using a proper resource for your child’s age.

If you don’t know your child’s CAT4 level, use my guide here.

The CAT4 test has different levels for each age group. Ensure you use the correct Verbal Reasoning questions for their age group!

From my experience, some parents use the wrong practice material, which can sabotage their child’s progress and frustrate them.

Recommended CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Practice Resources

PreTest Plus – A British resource with accurate CAT4 verbal reasoning sample questions for each level.

Make sure to address your child’s level. They also offer complete practice tests for all test batteries with guides.

CAT4-Prep Free PDF – I have created a few free sample tests in PDF form so it would be easy for my students to print them and practise at home.

Find your level and download the practice PDF. It’s free.

CAT4-Prep Free Sample Test – This interactive sample test with a score report. You can use it as a complementary tool. You can scroll to the CAT4 verbal reasoning questions.

GL-Assessment Sample Questions – GL assessment is the CAT4 test provider.

They provide a few examples on their website but are not level-related, so keep that in mind.

CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions

Square | Triangle | Circle

A) Shape
B) Line
C) Colour
D) Number
E) Angle
Answer: A) Shape

Explanation: Square, Triangle, and Circle are all shapes.

Apple | Banana | Orange

A) Fruit
B) Vegetable
C) Food
D) Berry
E) Tree
Answer: A) Fruit

Explanation: Apple, Banana, and Orange are all fruits.

Football | Cricket | Tennis

A) Sport
B) Ball
C) Game
D) Athlete
E) Equipment
Answer: A) Sport

Explanation: Football, Cricket, and Tennis are all sports.

Fast → Quick: Slow →

A) Lazy
B) Steady
C) Leisurely
D) Sluggish
E) Hasty
Answer: D) Sluggish

Explanation: fast and quick are synonyms, and slow and sluggish are synonyms.

Loud → Noisy: Quiet →

A) Silent
B) Boisterous
C) Vocal
D) Whisper
E) Shout
Answer: A) Silent

Explanation: Loud and noisy are synonyms, just as quiet and silent.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to overthink questions, especially when under pressure. Stick to your first instinct unless you have a reason to change your answer.

Mismanaging Time
Time management is crucial. Don’t spend too much time on a single question.

Ignoring Instructions
Always read the instructions carefully. Missing a small detail can cost you valuable points.

Final Thoughts

Verbal reasoning is a vital component of the CAT4 test. Understanding its structure and preparing effectively can significantly improve your performance.

Making sure to choose the correct CAT4 level of your child is a key to his success.

As a retired educator, I have a profound understanding of the CAT4 exam, thanks to years of training thousands of pupils. As an English and Math teacher, I have worked in international schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and helped students prepare for the CAT4 and MAP tests as a tutor.