CAT4 Level G

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The following article includes a short guide about the CAT4 Level G Test with a free CAT4 Level G Practice Test PDF and sample questions.

What is the CAT4 Level G Assessment?

CAT4 Level G Test is also called the Year 11+ Test.

GL Assessments provide the assessment.

It is a cognitive test with 4 categories.

It also acts as a school admission test.

Level G is for students in school years 11 and +11 between the ages of 14-17.

The assessment takes 72 minutes to complete.

It is the hardest CAT4 Test!

The good news is you can practice and get better at the test.

CAT4 Level G Practice Test PDF

Take advantage of our free CAT4 level G PDF.

It covers all test sections with mock questions and explanations.

The best part is that it’s free, and no registrations are needed.

The Best CAT4 Level G Practice Test

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Editor’s Tips

Mastering Time Management

It’s important to manage your time wisely. Here’s a simple tip: make a study plan that sets aside specific time for each part of the test. This way, you can cover all the topics thoroughly and won’t have to rush at the last minute. This technique will give you the peace of mind you need on the test day.

Practice Makes Perfect

To get good, you need to practice. You can use practice tests or find similar questions online to learn how the test works. If you do this often, it will make you feel more confident and help you get better at solving the test problems.

Test Format

Here is everything you need to know on our infographic:

If you can’t see the picture, click here.

CAT4 Level G Free Practice Test

Quantitative Reasoning Sample Question

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

Level G Figure Matrices

Figure Matrix questions are either 2×2 or 3×3 matrices composed of different pictures.
In each row and column, the images change the same way or follow the same rule.
Choose an answer that goes in the empty box in the matrix following the same rule.

CAT4 Level G Free Sample Question

The correct answer is 4.
In this question, the pictures consist of varying shapes with various levels of black fill and white circles in the middle.

There are 3 different patterns: one for the shapes, one for the level of black fill and one for the white ring inside.

– Each line (left to right and up and down) has 3 shapes: SHIELD, HEART, and CIRCLE.
– Left to right or up to down, each shape is filled, half-filled, and a quarter filled with black.
– Top to down – the first-row whole heart has a circle in (1 shape), the second-row full shield and half-filled shield have circled in (2 shapes), and the third row all 3 shapes have a circle.

Based on the shape pattern, the missing picture should be a heart, thus eliminating answers 1, 2 and 5.
Based on the colour fill and circle inside, we need a quarter-filled heart with a white ring inside, so a filled heart under nr3 is out.

The only remaining possible answer is 4.

Figure Classification Sample Question

The Figure Classification questions show three pictures that share a connection or a characteristic.
Choose the answer that shares the same connection/characteristic from the answer choices.


The correct answer is 3.
In this question, the pattern is as follows:
• Each picture contains a big figure with two smaller white figures.
• The small figures are always – one INSIDE and one OUTSIDE the big figure.
• The two small figures are always aligned on horizontal or vertical lines.
Answers 1 and 5 have one white and one small black figure, automatically excluding these answers.
Answer 4 has two small white figures, but both are inside the bigger figure.
Answer 2 does have two small figures, one inside and one outside, the bigger shape, but they do not align vertically or horizontally.
We are left with 3 as the only possible correct answer.

CAT4 Gifted and Talented scores explained with an infographic picture

Test Duration and Scoring

The test takes around 72-90 minutes.

Scores are presented in percentiles, comparing a student’s performance to their peers.

The national benchmark is around 100 points.

Any score above the national benchmark is considered to be good.

Scoring +120 is considered very good.

Scores above 129 are considered gifted and talented.

You can learn more about the CAT4 Test Score here.

You can read our full article about CAT4 Scores Gifted and Talented.

Preparation Strategies


Preparing and knowing what to expect on test day is critical to succeeding.

This guide gives you the details and tactics you need to succeed.

We learned that free pdf and study guides can help pupils understand the test structure.

You can also use a dedicated prep course.

This test supports your educational journey, so take a deep breath and take it easy.

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A specific version of the cognitive abilities test is designed for Grades 11 and 11+ students.

Level G is the most advanced level.

It requires higher-order thinking skills than the lower levels. It includes more challenging tasks and questions.

No, the test is not mandatory.

It is typically an optional tool to gain insights into a student’s cognitive abilities.

The results can benefit students by helping them understand their cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Practice materials and sample questions are available to help students prepare for the test.

Age Range 14-17+ and age level 15-17.

As a retired educator, I have a profound understanding of the CAT4 exam, thanks to years of training thousands of pupils. As an English and Math teacher, I have worked in international schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and helped students prepare for the CAT4 and MAP tests as a tutor.