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Use our actual CAT4 practice test, and learn how they can help you.

This Guide offers valuable tips with an actual CAT4 practice test to help maximise your CAT4 test preparation.

We’ll explore what the test includes, why practice tests are essential, and how to choose the right one.

Kindly note that the CAT4 Practice test has to meet the student’s test level.

Choose Your CAT4 Practice Test

Choose the practice based on your child’s level.

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CAT4 Practice Test – Verbal Classification

Strawberry | Apple | Banana

A) Vegetable B) Tomato C) Fruit D) Potato E) Food

Answer: C

Strawberries, Apples, and bananas are all types of fruits.

Dog | Cat | Rabbit

A) Animal B) Bird C) Pet D) Farm E) Tree

Answer: C

The connection between these words is that they are pets.

CAT4 Practice Test – Verbal Analogy

Let’s practice verbal analogy questions!

hot → warm: cold →

A) freezing B) cool C) icy D) tepid E) scorching

Answer: A

Hot means high temperature, warm means moderate temperature, and cold means low temperature. Freezing means an extremely low temperature, whereas cool, icy, tepid, and scorching do not represent an extremely low temperature like freezing.

laugh → giggle: cry →

A) sob B) chuckle C) weep D) snicker E) bawl

Answer: C

Laughing and giggling are different forms of laughter, just as crying and weeping are other forms of expression of sadness. Sob, chuckle, snicker, and bawl are incorrect terms as they don’t represent the softer form of crying.

CAT4 Number Series Sample Question

Find the next number in the series: 3 6 12 24 48 ?

Options: A) 88 B) 92 C) 96 D) 98 E) 94

Answer: C

In this series, the pattern is that each number is obtained by doubling the previous number.

Starting with 3, we double it to get 6. Then, we double 6 to get 12, double 12 to get 24, and so on.

To continue the pattern, we must double the last number in the series, 48.

48 doubled is 96.

Find the next number in the series: 36, 34, 30, 28, 24

Options: A) 20 B) 22 C) 25 D) 23 E) 28

Answer: B

This is a series of numbers where we alternate between subtracting 2 and subtracting 4. It starts with subtracting 2, then 4, then 2, and continues in this pattern.

CAT4 Number Analogies Sample Questions

[8 → 16] [12 → 24] [6 → ?]

A) 12 B) 14 C) 8 D) 24 E) 48

Answer: A

Look at the numbers in the first pair and try to find the rule they follow.
How do we get from 8 to 16?
We see that if we multiply the first number by 2, we get the second number:
8 × 2 = 16.

Does this rule work for the second pair, as well?
When we multiply 12 by 2, we get 24:
12 × 2 = 24.

The rule “multiply the first number by 2 to get the second” works in both pairs, so in the next pair we should also multiply by 2:
6 × 2 = 12.

[25 → 5] [49 → 7] [64 → ?]

Options: A) 6 B) 8 C) 10 D) 12 E) 14

Answer: B

Look at the numbers in the first pair and try to find the rule they follow.
How do we get from 64 to 8?
We see that if we take the square root of the first number, we get the second number: √25 = 5.
Does this rule work for the second pair, as well?
When we take the square root of 49, we get 7: √49 = 7.
The rule “take the square root of the first number to get the second” works in both pairs, so in the next pair we should also take the square root: √64 = 8.
Therefore, 8 is the correct answer.

CAT4 Figure Matrices Sample Question

Choose an answer choice that goes in the empty box in the matrix that follows the same rule.


Answer: 2

In this question, we have pattern of circles which are colored, with a clear square placed directly over it. The square edges are going over the surface of the circle.

If we look at the colors of the circles, from left to right, we can see the color becoming lighter – Black, dark gray, light gray.

Therefore, the last circle needs to be completely white with the square over it.

Hence, the 2nd choice is the correct answer.

CAT4 Figure Classification Sample Question

Figure Classification questions show three pictures that share a connection or a characteristic.

Choose the answer that shares the same connection/characteristic from the answer choices.

Answer: 3

In this question, the pattern is as follows:
• Each picture contains one big shape with two smaller, same-size shapes inside.
All shapes have small upright triangles in the lower right part of the big shape.
• Two small shapes are always different from each other and different from the biggest shape.
Answers 1, 2 and 4 do not have a small triangle upright in the lower right part.
Answer 5 has an upright small triangle, but the biggest shape is also a triangle, which breaks the rule of all shapes being different.
We are left with choice 3 as the only possible correct answer.

CAT4 Figure Analysis Sample Questions

Figure Analysis questions present a paper folded several times and then punched with holes.

The answer choices contain unfolded papers with punched-in holes.

You need to determine which of the answer choices is the final product of the unfolded punched-in paper.



The Importance of a CAT4 Practice Test

Good preparation can decide a pupil’s score.

If you want to show your true potential, it is best first to practice.

Not all pupils are the same; some need more help than others.

CAT4 Practice Tests will help you understand the structure, timeframe, and question style.

This pre-knowledge can boost your confidence and eliminate test anxiety.

You will also benefit from forming test strategies and identifying weak areas.

Benefits of Taking a CAT4 Practice Test

Identifies Knowledge Gaps

A CAT4 practice test reveals areas where you may need additional support or further revision.

Assessing your performance across different cognitive abilities helps pinpoint the specific areas you should focus on during your preparation.

This approach allows you to optimize your study time and address potential knowledge gaps.

Familiarizes with Test Format

Becoming familiar with the CAT4 test format is crucial for optimal performance.

Practice tests will give you insights into the test’s structure, question types, and time constraints.

This familiarity helps reduce test anxiety and build confidence, enabling you to approach the test easily.

Builds Time Management Skills

The CAT4 test is timed, challenging students to answer questions within a specific timeframe.

Timed practice tests enhance time management, ensuring you complete all sections within the constraints.

By adopting efficient time management strategies during practice, you can refine your skills and boost your performance during the test.

Reduces Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can slow your performance and impact your results.

Regularly taking CAT4 practice tests helps alleviate test anxiety by building familiarity and confidence.

As you become accustomed to the test environment and question types, you will feel more at ease when taking the CAT4 test.

How to Choose the Right CAT4 Practice Test

Choosing the proper CAT4 practice test is essential to guarantee an accurate representation of the actual test conditions and reliable results.

Consider these factors when selecting a practice test:

Reliability and Validity

Opt for CAT4 practice tests that reputable educational organizations or publishers develop with a proven record of reliability and validity.

These tests are more likely to accurately assess your abilities and offer a reliable estimate of your performance on the actual CAT4 test.

Content Coverage

Ensure that the practice test covers all areas tested in the CAT4 Test, including verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning.

Comprehensive practice tests that align with the official test specifications will ensure you receive a thorough evaluation of your abilities.

Online vs. Paper-based Practice Tests

Consider your preferences and test-taking habits when deciding between online and paper-based practice tests.

Online practice tests offer convenience and immediate feedback, while paper-based tests may provide a more traditional testing experience.

Most CAT4 tests are taken online, and simulating the actual test environment is vital in preparation.

Diagnostic Feedback

The availability of diagnostic feedback is a valuable feature to consider when selecting a practice test.

Diagnostic reports provide detailed insights into your performance, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in specific cognitive areas.

This feedback helps you craft a targeted study plan tailored to your needs.

Cost and Accessibility

Factor in the price and accessibility of different CAT4 practice tests.

Some tests may offer a free trial or limited features for evaluation, while others may require a financial investment.

Our Recommended Preparation

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Free Online CAT4 Practice Test

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Free PDF CAT4 Practice Test

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CAT4 Practice Test Tips

Read Instructions Carefully

Ensure you read and understand the instructions for each CAT4 practice test section before starting.

This can help you avoid mistakes and ensure you answer the questions correctly.

Budget Your Time

The test is timed, so budgeting your time carefully is essential.

Ensure you have enough time to answer all the questions in each section, and don’t spend too much time on any one question.

Stay Focused and Calm

Staying focused and calm can help you perform better on the test.

Take deep breaths if you feel nervous or anxious, and maintain a positive attitude throughout the test.

Eliminate Wrong Answers

If you’re unsure, try eliminating any incorrect answers first.

This can increase your chances of guessing the correct answer.

Get a Premium Preparation Course

Using online preparation courses can save a lot of time. We recommend the following online course.

Setting SMART Goals

Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals based on your performance in practice tests.

These goals should be specific to the areas where improvement is needed.

By setting goals, you guide your preparation, stay motivated, and measure your progress effectively.

Additional Resources for CAT4 Test Preparation

To support your CAT4 test preparation, consider utilizing the following resources:

Online Practice Platforms

Explore online platforms that offer CAT4 practice tests and study materials.

These platforms often provide a simulated test environment, immediate feedback, and additional resources for comprehensive preparation.

Study Guides and Books

Acquire study guides and books designed explicitly for CAT4 test preparation.

These resources offer in-depth explanations, sample questions, and practice materials to enhance your understanding and familiarity with the content.

Tutoring Services

Consider enlisting the help of tutoring services if you require personalized guidance and support.

Tutors can offer valuable insights, tailored study plans, and expert advice to refine cognitive abilities and optimize CAT4 performance.

Study Groups and Forums

Engage with study groups or online forums dedicated to CAT4 test preparation.

Collaborating with peers allows for the exchange and discussion of ideas, provides additional perspectives, and enhances your overall preparation experience.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of our comprehensive guide to CAT4 practice tests.

By incorporating practice tests into your preparation strategy, you’re equipping yourself with invaluable tools for success.

Remember to select reliable practice tests, create a study schedule, analyze your results, and utilize additional resources to optimize your performance.

With thorough preparation, confidence, and targeted practice, you’ll be well-equipped to excel in the CAT4 test and reach your academic goals. Good luck!


Relatively yes. If you have never encountered these questions, the CAT4 Test can be hard! This is why it is important to use a CAT4 Practice Test.

National Percentile Rank (NPR) – Above 70%.

Standard Age Scores (SAS) – The average score is always 100, with a standard deviation of 2.

Stanines (ST) – Stanine Rank 7 or above.

Learn more about CAT4 Test Scores here.

You can find free practice tests for all CAT4 levels on our website.

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