[2024] Year 7 CAT Test (CAT4 Level D)

Last updated on June 7th, 2024 at 01:31 pm

What is the Year 7 CAT Test?

The “Cognitive Abilities Test” or “CAT4 Level D” is the Year 7 Cat Test evaluates the cognitive abilities of UK and UAE students aged between 11-12 years.

Also known as CAT4 Level D, the assessment evaluates verbal, nonverbal, and spatial reasoning abilities.

It is commonly given to Year 7 students during the fall semester as part of the school’s application procedure.

This article will only cover the year 7 CAT test (CAT4 Level D).

Year 7 CAT Test Practice Test

We recommend taking our CAT4 sample test in full-screen mode for the best experience.

Additionally, our explanations offer helpful tips and solutions for each question, so reviewing the final report carefully is essential.

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CAT4 Practice Test

Figure Classification

The Figure Classification questions show three pictures that share a connection or a
Choose the answer that shares the same connection/characteristic from the answer choices.

Figure Classification:

Figure Classification:

Figure Analysis

You'll see a folded paper with holes punched in Figure Analysis questions.

The answer choices show unfolded papers with holes punched in them.

You have to pick the answer that matches what the folded paper would look like when unfolded.

Figure Analysis

Figure Analysis

Figure Matrices

Figure Matrix questions are either 2x2 or 3x3 matrices comprised of different pictures. In each
row and column, the pictures change the same way or follow the same rule. Choose an
answer that goes in the empty box in the matrix following the same rule.

Figure Matrices:

Figure Matrices

Figure Matrices

Figure Recognition

You'll be shown a shape with five answer options that have complex designs.

Pick the design with the same size and orientation as the shape shown.

Figure Recognition
Figure Recognition

Number Series
You'll see numbers that follow a rule. Select a number from the choices to continue the series using the same rule.

Find the following number in the series: 3, 6, 9, 12, __

Find the next number in the series: 9 16 25 36 49 ?

Find the connection between the numbers in the first two pairs and use that connection to figure out the missing number in the third pair. Choose the number that follows the same connection as the first two pairs for the third pair.

[8 → 16] [12 → 24] [6 → ?]

[25 → 5] [49 → 7] [64 → ?]

You must pick a word that completes a second pair of words in verbal analogy questions.
The first pair of words have a unique relationship you must maintain.

hot → warm: cold →

big → huge: small →

Dog | Cat | Rabbit

Square Triangle Circle

Your score is


Why is it so Important?

Parents and teachers need to know a student’s academic abilities to set appropriate goals and expectations.

The Year 7 CAT Test helps identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses in learning, which can lead to finding courses that suit their needs.

You should support your child’s test preparation to ensure they can succeed in school and reach their academic potential.

CAT4 Test Batteries

The Year 7 CAT Test has eight sections:

Verbal Reasoning – Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies.

Non-Verbal Reasoning – Figure Classification and Figure Matrices.

Quantitative Reasoning – Number Analogies and Number Series.

Spatial Ability – Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition.

Practice materials for all test sections can be found in this article.

CAT4 Level D

Preparing for the Year 7 CAT Test

Preparing for the year 7 CAT Test is essential for your child’s success in school.

Start early and use study materials to help them feel more prepared and confident on test day.

Download our Free year 7 cat test sample questions pdf.

As with any test, the more time students have to study and practice, the more comfortable and confident they will feel on test day. Therefore, preparing your child for the Year 7 Cat Test as soon as possible is advisable.

Ideally, several months before the test is scheduled. This will give your child plenty of time to review the material covered by the test and to become familiar with the test format.

You can use several strategies to help your child study and practice for the Year 7 CAT4 Test.

One practical approach is to work with your child to create a study schedule. Set aside a dedicated time each day for your child to review the test’s material and complete practice questions.

Additionally, you can use flashcards, games, and other interactive learning tools to make studying fun and engaging for your child.

Helpful Resources

A CAT4 study guide is helpful as it gives an overview of the test material and has practice questions and test day tips.

Practice tests are also helpful as they let your child get used to the test format and see how they progress while studying.

CAT4 PDF Sample Questions can serve as an excellent study aid.

A Video Course is a way to go if you’re looking for a preparation that covers all the bases. With its comprehensive approach, it’s the perfect fit for many students.

Get Free CAT Test Examples to understand the test stracture and question type.


Maximizing Your CAT4 Level D Practice Test Experience

Schedule Dedicated Practice Sessions

Set aside time in your study schedule for taking practice tests.

It will help you get used to the test format, manage your time better, and build endurance for the CAT4 Level D Test.

Emulate Exam Conditions

Create a quiet space like the actual exam room. Turn off your phone and avoid interruptions.

Stick to the time limit for each section.

Analyze Your Performance

Review your test performance to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

This technique will help you create a personalized study plan and manage your time effectively.

Review Answer Explanations

Use the answer explanations on the practice test to understand the correct answers and learn from your errors.

This method will help you solve problems and understand essential concepts more thoroughly.

Time Management Strategies

When practising for the test, manage your time well.

Give more time to harder and more critical sections.

This trick will help you during the timed CAT4 exam.

Track Your Progress

Take practice tests often to track your progress and see how you improve in different areas.

This habit will help you feel more confident and motivated for the CAT4 exam.

Premium Practice Course

Getting good test scores can be challenging, but proper preparation can help.

You can try a full-length course to help you prepare better.

Year 7 CAT Test Video Guide

To Sum Up

To help your child do well on the Year 7 CAT Test, start early, study, practice, and use helpful resources.

Following these tips will boost your child’s confidence and readiness for the test and set them up for success in school.



A cognitive ability test for pupils aged 11-12. It is also called the CAT4 Level D.

Between 85 and 115 when 127 upwards is considered extremely good.

The national benchmark is around 100 points.

140 is the highest score on the CAT Year 7 Test, where 100 is the national benchmark.

As a retired educator, I have a profound understanding of the CAT4 exam, thanks to years of training thousands of pupils. As an English and Math teacher, I have worked in international schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and helped students prepare for the CAT4 and MAP tests as a tutor.