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Free CAT4 Practice Test

CAT4 Practice Test

Figure Classification

The Figure Classification questions show three pictures that share a connection or a
Choose the answer that shares the same connection/characteristic from the answer choices.

Figure Classification:

Figure Classification:

Figure Analysis

You'll see a folded paper with holes punched in Figure Analysis questions.

The answer choices show unfolded papers with holes punched in them.

You have to pick the answer that matches what the folded paper would look like when unfolded.

Figure Analysis

Figure Analysis

Figure Matrices

Figure Matrix questions are either 2x2 or 3x3 matrices comprised of different pictures. In each
row and column, the pictures change the same way or follow the same rule. Choose an
answer that goes in the empty box in the matrix following the same rule.

Figure Matrices:

Figure Matrices

Figure Matrices

Figure Recognition

You'll be shown a shape with five answer options that have complex designs.

Pick the design with the same size and orientation as the shape shown.

Figure Recognition
Figure Recognition

Number Series
You'll see numbers that follow a rule. Select a number from the choices to continue the series using the same rule.

Find the following number in the series: 3, 6, 9, 12, __

Find the next number in the series: 9 16 25 36 49 ?

Find the connection between the numbers in the first two pairs and use that connection to figure out the missing number in the third pair. Choose the number that follows the same connection as the first two pairs for the third pair.

[8 → 16] [12 → 24] [6 → ?]

[25 → 5] [49 → 7] [64 → ?]

You must pick a word that completes a second pair of words in verbal analogy questions.
The first pair of words have a unique relationship you must maintain.

hot → warm: cold →

big → huge: small →

Dog | Cat | Rabbit

Square Triangle Circle

Your score is


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As a retired educator, I have a profound understanding of the CAT4 exam, thanks to years of training thousands of pupils. As an English and Math teacher, I have worked in international schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and helped students prepare for the CAT4 and MAP tests as a tutor.